Biggest Industries in Wentzville, MO

Biggest Industries in Wentzville


Wentzville, Missouri, is a burgeoning hub of economic activity, renowned for its strategic location and rapidly growing industrial sectors.

In this blog, we will explore the major industries forming Wentzville’s economy’s backbone.

By examining the top industries based on revenue and employment, we provide insights into how OCCSI tailors its IT support services to meet the unique needs of these vital sectors.



Top Industries in Wentzville


1. Automotive Manufacturing

Wentzville’s automotive manufacturing industry is a significant economic force, spearheaded by the presence of the General Motors Wentzville Assembly Plant. This sector supports numerous jobs and stimulates growth in related industries.

General Motors: Driving Local Prosperity

  • Role: Major automotive manufacturer
  • Impact: Provides thousands of jobs, supports local suppliers and service industries


2. Retail and Commerce

The retail sector in Wentzville thrives thanks to its growing population and strategic location near major highways. This industry is crucial for local employment and provides residents with essential goods and services.

Wentzville Crossroads Marketplace: Hub of Shopping and Employment

  • Role: Key retail center
  • Impact: Job creation and service provision to the local community


3. Health Services

Health services in Wentzville are expanding rapidly, with numerous facilities catering to the growing population. These services are essential for maintaining the community’s well-being.

SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital Wentzville

  • Role: Primary healthcare provider
  • Impact: Offers comprehensive health services, major local employer


4. Education

Education is a cornerstone of Wentzville’s community, with the Wentzville School District playing a critical role in shaping future generations and providing substantial employment opportunities.

Wentzville School District: Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders

  • Role: Major educational institution
  • Impact: Educates thousands of students, employs educators and staff


5. Logistics and Distribution

Leveraging its geographical advantage, Wentzville has become a center for logistics and distribution, facilitating goods movement across the country.

U.S. Postal Service Distribution Center

  • Role: Key logistics hub
  • Impact: Streamlines mail and package distribution, provides numerous jobs


Economic Contributions of Wentzville’s Top Industries



Top Industries in Wentzville


Supporting Wentzville’s Top Industries With Elite IT Services

OCCSI understands the unique challenges and IT needs of Wentzville’s diverse industrial sectors.

Our managed IT services are designed to provide robust support, ensuring businesses can focus on growth without technology-related issues.

From securing sensitive medical records in healthcare facilities to supporting the complex IT demands of automotive manufacturing, our comprehensive IT solutions empower businesses to operate efficiently and securely.



OCCSI is committed to supporting these sectors with advanced IT services that enhance operational efficiency and drive business success. We provide tailored IT strategies that align with the specific needs of each industry, ensuring that every sector remains competitive and technologically adept. Trust us to be your partner in navigating the complexities of IT and leveraging technology for optimal business performance.



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