Computer Paramedics Saved My Business and My Reputation

Recently, I received what seemed to be a legitimate phone call from the “Amazon Security Department.” The call stated there was a charge being made to my Amazon account for $900 plus dollars, press #2 if this wasn’t my charge.

I was transferred to an individual who assured me that he could help with this charge and other fraudulent charges that could be happening on my accounts. When I questioned his credentials, he gave a name to type into GOOGLE search. The results came back “Amazon Security Employee.” This all seemed very legitimate.

During this call this individual took control of my computer. My assistant called Computer Paramedics from another phone to verify the legitimacy of this call only to learn that this was a SCAM.

Computer Paramedics immediately recognized this as a scam!

Computer Paramedics saved my business, personal and financial information from being stolen from me that day. I am now protected from future fraudulent attempts thanks to the actions and instructions of COMPUTER PARAMEDICS qualified employees.

Terry W. Fairbanks
Rea Scharnhorst
Administrative Manager HBF, INC