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The Comprehensive Business Owners’ Guide To IT Support, Services, And Fees

Our Services

Managed IT Services

Let us give you the peace of mind you deserve.

On-Site Computer Repair

We’ll come to your office and solve all of your computer issues.

Data Backup and Recovery

Prevent the unexpected from ruining your company.

Hourly IT Services

We offer a professional and friendly team of experts to help with your everyday hourly IT services.

8 Big Reasons to Choose Onsite Computer Consulting to Support Your Computer Network


Managed Services
We provide proactive 24/7/365 monitoring and management of your network, whether your small to medium sized business is one computer or several. This means that we can correct issues before they become problems. Allowing you and your staff the utmost of productivity and efficiency to allow your revenues to grow.


Response time
Should a problem occur we will have a technician working on your trouble call within 15 minutes of receiving your call. Our technicians and customer service staff will explain what is occurring with your computer network in “non-geek speak” language to assure that you are aware every step of the way what we are doing to correct any problem that might occur.


We are Veteran owned, and we are a long-standing Missouri local business. When you call us, you are calling someone local to your place of business. Onsite Computer Consulting has partnered with many Small to Medium size businesses for the last 25 years.


Vendor management
How much time does your staff have to sit on the phone with your software vendor, or internet provider. Onsite Computer Consulting truly becomes a member of your team to be your liaison with the many technology-based vendors that your business utilizes so that you can focus on working on your business and we do the tech speak with your vendors.


Onsite Computer Repair and New Equipment Installation
We not only provide onsite computer repair and new equipment installation; we build and install custom computer systems designed to meet your company’s individual needs. We provide a 2-year warranty on our custom computer systems.


Regulatory Compliance
Onsite Computer Consulting maintains our own certification of HIPAA compliancy through Compliancy Group. We are also providers HIPAA, PCI, NIST, and CMMC (After August 2020), Certifications, documentation, and system scanning to maintain or achieve your compliance should you require it.


We provide you the ability to sleep at night with the knowledge that your system is being monitored 24/7/365. All businesses face the threat of security breaches, our proactive approach to our security solutions will help you to avoid learning the importance of security the hard way. In today’s world you need more than just an anti-virus solution. Every week brings new stories about websites and companies’ data being compromised. Onsite Computer Consulting provides a guard against these “invaders” and provides assistance in the event you have been compromised.


Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
Your most valuable asset is your company data, which needs to be protected. Onsite Computer Consulting will work with you to find the best, most cost-effective solution, to protect this valuable asset with both on and off-site data backups. That will give you almost immediate ability to return to work with your data in place.

See What Other Business Owners Are Saying About Us…

I Am Grateful to Have Onsite Computer Consulting As a Member of MY Team

I exclusively rely on the team at Onsite Computer Consulting to support my busy Dental Practice. Whether through increased network reliability, off site backup systems, compliance in data transmission and storage– this is a team of miracle workers. After 20 years of partnership, I am grateful to have Onsite Computer Consulting as part of the Licata Dental Team!

Dr. Faye Licata, DMD Licata Dental

All Encompassing Support Package

Onsite Computer Consulting provides all-encompassing support package-whether general maintenance or emergency services. Their knowledge of dental software and customer support is second to none and they consistently respond quickly to our needs with a thorough solution. Based on our experience we highly recommend Onsite Computer Consulting for your dental practices.

Dr. Erin Scimone, DMD The Hills Dental

Honest, Reliable, Cost Savings

Onsite Computer Consulting has been and currently is the only IT company for my practice for almost 20 years. They are willing to assess situations, and provide you with realistic expectations regarding cost, benefit, and what is actually needed for your business.

Dr. T. Wayne Lewis, DDS

About Onsite Computer Consulting

OCCSI offers complete IT services from experienced computer professionals you can trust in the Wentzville area. We specialize in dental software, although we also offer our services to business and residential clients alike. Our wide range of on-site business services include hardware, software, networking, computer upgrades, data recovery, and full system upgrades, while we provide residential clients with in-store hardware, software, data recovery, and infection removal services. Customers love us because we are skilled workers who value honesty.


The Comprehensive Business Owners’ Guide To IT Support, Services, And Fees