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Maximize your IT performance and minimize recurring downtime with a leading local managed services provider.

Why choose Onsite Computer Consulting Services Inc. for managed IT services?

Reclaim your productivity with managed services that anticipate issues before they impact your business

Get back to work quickly with IT support that responds to all of your requests within 15 minutes or less

Defend your business and data with robust security services that include 24/7 monitoring and SIEM support

Avoid the perils of non-compliance with documentation and system scanning for HIPAA, PCI, NIST, and more

Make informed tech decisions with expert advice, tailored strategies, and budgeting from a seasoned vCIO

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I Am Grateful to Have Onsite Computer Consulting As a Member of MY Team

I exclusively rely on the team at Onsite Computer Consulting to support my busy Dental Practice. Whether through increased network reliability, off site backup systems, compliance in data transmission and storage– this is a team of miracle workers. After 20 years of partnership, I am grateful to have Onsite Computer Consulting as part of the Licata Dental Team!

Dr. Faye Licata, DMD
Licata Dental


Service and response from our team of IT specialists

28+ Years

Helping businesses like yours achieve their technology goals


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Keep Your Data Out of the Crosshairs With our Advanced Security Services

The escalating costs of cybercrime, projected at $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, pose a significant threat to small businesses like yours.

The good news is that OCCSI’s managed IT services can help you avoid these financial pitfalls.

Our cybersecurity solutions are crafted to combat the evolving challenges of cyber threats with:

  • 24/7/365 surveillance
  • SOC and SIEM assistance
  • Rigorous compliance tracking
  • Zero Trust security frameworks
  • Effective email and spam defense
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM)
  • Comprehensive endpoint protection
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
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Reach Your Technology Goals With Expert Guidance From a Seasoned vCIO

Did you know that only 0.5% of IT projects reach completion, while 75% overshoot their budgets? These figures may seem overwhelming, but they’re manageable with expert advice.

As part of our IT services, we connect you with a seasoned vCIO.

Your vCIO does more than just advise you; they ensure your IT strategies are aligned with your business goals by providing:

  • Proactive IT planning
  • Targeted compliance advice
  • Effective project management
  • Long-term IT solution alignment
  • Tailored IT strategy development
  • Strategic planning for business continuity
  • Smart budgeting and resource management
Managed IT Services in Wentzville

Reliable Managed IT Services That Help Your Business Thrive

Reach new heights of efficiency and productivity with our full range of managed services.
Managed IT Services

Elevate your day-to-day efficiency with our unmatched managed IT services that include proactive network management and continuous monitoring.

Cloud Services

Smoothly migrate to the cloud and leverage its capabilities with migration support, cloud security, and consulting for effective utilization and integration.


You can rest easy knowing that your business and data are protected with managed security services, including 24/7 monitoring and robust threat defense.

IT Support

Minimize workflow interruptions with rapid IT support, which responds to issues within 15 minutes or less and helps you return to work quickly.

IT Helpdesk

Get assistance with any IT challenges with responsive helpdesk services that use effective problem-solving and feature a 29.5-minute average resolution time.

Network Support

Build and deploy a resilient IT infrastructure with network support including security, cabling, and support from our Network Operations Center (NOC).

IT Consulting

Future-proof your business with IT consulting services provided by experienced vCIOs who assist with planning, budgeting and custom roadmap development.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Avoid costly data loss and corruption during disasters with offsite backup and recovery, which restores your client and corporate data and prevents downtime.

Compliance Services

Work with our experts, who specialize in HIPAA, PCI, NIST, CMMC, and other key regulatory standards, to effortlessly achieve and maintain compliance.

Ace Your Audit With Help From OCCSI’s Regulatory Compliance Specialists

As a business owner, you know that meeting regulatory compliance requirements can be challenging. However, it doesn’t have to be.

Our IT managed services simplify the compliance process. We ensure your systems not only meet but surpass the regulatory benchmarks for your industry.

Rely on our experts to demystify the intricacies of compliance frameworks. We offer vital documentation and system scans for:

  • PCI
  • NIST
  • CMMC

14 Days

Average onboarding time for our IT services

15 Min.

Average response time for all IT support tickets

29.5 Minutes

Average resolution time for all technical issues


End users supported by our managed services
Managed IT Services in Wentzville, Missouri

Onsite Computer Consulting

Onsite Computer Consulting Services Inc. Managed IT Services in Wentzville

IT Services in Wentzville

Get Managed Services That Cover All of Your Technology Needs

At OCCSI, our offerings go beyond traditional managed IT services to help your business grow confidently. Our supplemental services include:

Cloud Services

Ensure a successful digital transformation with backup, security, and migration support for your cloud solutions.

Vendor Management

Let our experts serve as the liaison between your business and the technology vendors you depend on.

Computer Repair Services

Our team provides you with reliable on-site device repair and new equipment installation.

Onsite Computer Consulting Services Inc. Managed IT Services in Wentzville

Propel your business forward with one of the leading managed services providers.

Choose Flexibility and Excellence With our Managed IT Services

Settling for managed IT providers that lock you into lengthy contracts while underperforming can lead to frustration and wasted resources.

We are committed to delivering high-quality, flexible managed services. That’s why we offer one-year agreements and a 60-day opt-out clause.

If our IT services fall short of your standards within this period, you are free to cancel, no strings attached.

Our confidence in our solutions is reflected in our two-year warranty that guarantees:

  • Full coverage in the first year
  • Continued support in the second
  • Solutions designed for your unique business needs
IT Services in Wentzville, MO

Our Other IT Services in Wentzville, Missouri

Regain control over your workday with these reliable managed services.
IT Services in Wentzville, Missouri

Experience the Benefits of Dependable Managed IT Services

Here’s what OCCSI’s IT managed services can do for your business:

Return to Work Faster

Get back on track with IT support that responds within 15 minutes and includes 24/7/365 overnight assistance.

Keep Your Data Protected

Receive real-time updates on security incidents and continuous monitoring that keeps your sensitive data safe.

Make Smarter Tech Decisions

Work with a dedicated vCIO who influences informed IT decisions while acting as your trusted tech advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions About our Managed IT Services

How do your managed IT services improve my cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is vital for today’s businesses. That’s why our managed IT services provide an advanced layer of protection by incorporating industry-leading tools and techniques.

With 24/7/365 monitoring, cutting-edge endpoint protection, and compliance monitoring, we protect your business against evolving cyber threats.

Our approach minimizes risks, ensuring your operations remain secure and resilient against potential breaches.

Can your IT services help to reduce my technology costs?

Absolutely. Our IT services streamline your IT operations, transforming unpredictable expenses into predictable monthly investments.

By leveraging our comprehensive IT solutions, businesses can significantly reduce the need for costly emergency repairs and downtime.

Our proactive maintenance and strategic planning help avoid expensive setbacks, ensuring your IT supports your business goals efficiently and cost-effectively.

How does your managed IT assist with disaster recovery and business continuity?

Managed IT services are critical for disaster recovery and business continuity.

This is because they ensure your data is securely backed up and can be quickly restored in the event of a disaster.

Our managed services include robust data backup solutions and disaster recovery planning, minimizing downtime and data loss.

This proactive approach ensures your business can continue operations smoothly, even in the face of unexpected disruptions.

How does partnering with a managed services provider benefit small businesses?

Partnering with a managed services provider offers small to medium-sized businesses access to a team of IT experts without the overhead of an in-house IT department.

Our managed IT services deliver scalable solutions tailored to your specific needs, from day-to-day support to strategic planning and cybersecurity.

This collaboration enables you to focus on your core operations while we ensure your technology needs are met efficiently and effectively.

What sets your managed services apart from other providers?

OCCSI offers a personalized, customer-centric approach to managed IT services.

Unlike one-size-fits-all offerings, we tailor our managed services to align with your business goals and challenges.

Our rapid response times, comprehensive service offerings, and commitment to excellence ensure your IT infrastructure is maintained and optimized for growth and innovation.

In addition, our expertise in compliance and consulting services further sets us apart, making us the trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable IT solutions.

Prevent Recurring IT Problems With our Proactive Managed Services

Enhance your IT efficiency and reduce frequent downtime through top-notch localized IT managed services.

Why choose OCCSI for managed IT services?

Boost your team’s productivity through proactive managed services designed to prevent potential disruptions

Experience minimal work interruptions with rapid IT support that responds to you in under 15 minutes

Protect your operations and data with comprehensive cybersecurity, 24/7 monitoring, and SIEM assistance

Safeguard against compliance risks with thorough scans and documentation for HIPAA, PCI, and NIST

Add an experienced voice to your team with a vCIO who offers custom strategies, planning, and budgeting

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