IT Consulting Services

Receive project-specific and ongoing guidance from consultants with over 28 years of experience

Cut through the “tech speak” to find impactful, cost-effective technologies for your business

Gain access to a dedicated VCSO who’ll help you prepare technology plans and forecast IT expenses

Unlock business opportunities with compliance guidance for HIPAA, PCI, FTC, and other standards

Streamline your IT and optimize costs with comprehensive vendor management

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I Am Grateful to Have Onsite Computer Consulting As a Member of MY Team

I exclusively rely on the team at Onsite Computer Consulting to support my busy Dental Practice. Whether through increased network reliability, off site backup systems, compliance in data transmission and storage– this is a team of miracle workers. After 20 years of partnership, I am grateful to have Onsite Computer Consulting as part of the Licata Dental Team!

Dr. Faye Licata, DMD
Licata Dental

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Your Future Goals Are What Matter Most

When your IT falls short, it’s natural to want a quick solution. Quick fixes might seem appealing, but they often don’t hold up as your business expands.

At OCCSI, our IT consulting team is dedicated to finding durable solutions aligned with your future ambitions.

Thanks to our vast knowledge and experience, we’re quick on our feet. However, we don’t settle for quick, temporary fixes.

Our aim is to tackle the core of your IT challenges, building solutions from the ground up that are designed with your future in mind.

This approach ensures that our improvements are temporary fixes and lasting enhancements.

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Find IT Solutions That Grow With You

Growth is thrilling, but it could become a stumbling block if your IT can’t keep up. IT systems that don’t scale can slow down and restrict your growth potential.

Our IT consulting services are here to guide you to scalable solutions.

Our services are flexible and designed to adjust to your changing needs, and we focus on recommending IT systems that serve you now and in the future.

We’re passionate about supporting businesses in their growth journey. That’s why we’ve designed our services to meet the unique needs of growing businesses.

IT Consulting Firm

Full-Service IT Consulting Firm

Make informed technology decisions that support your business as it grows.
IT Strategy Consulting
Create an IT strategy that grows with you, avoiding technology hurdles along the way

Your IT needs will change as your business grows, including more employees, revenue channels, and possibly new offices.

We offer IT consulting and managed services to keep your technology in the lead, ensuring it never falls behind.

Rely on our experienced IT consultants to develop a custom IT plan that addresses your business’s and industry’s unique challenges and needs.

IT Audits
Identify gaps and vulnerabilities in your IT systems

IT audits dissect your IT environment to pinpoint security gaps, inefficiencies, and compliance misses.

Our consultants will assist with:

  • Precise analysis of your IT setup to uncover risks and redundancies
  • Custom solutions to streamline operations and boost security
  • Clear, prioritized action plan for technology enhancements
  • Critical security improvements to protect against cyber threats and data leaks
  • Compliance checks to keep you in line with industry standards, avoiding fines and reputational damage

Our approach demystifies IT, giving you clear steps forward.

Cybersecurity Consulting
Guidance to protect your people, systems, and company

Data and applications are critical assets for your business, making it essential to shield them from cyber threats.

By partnering with a knowledgeable IT consulting firm, you can enhance your cybersecurity posture through strategic advice and guidance.

  • Efficient security processes
  • Security awareness training
  • Lowering risk ratings
  • Disaster recovery consulting
  • And more
Digital Transformation
Unlock potential, efficiencies, and cost-savings

For businesses aiming to thrive in today’s digital ecosystem, adopting a strategic approach to cloud computing is not just an option—it’s a necessity.

Cloud technology offers unparalleled efficiency, agility, and innovation opportunities, but its true potential lies in a tailored implementation.

Engage with us to:

  • Evaluate systems and processes
  • Identify transformation opportunities
  • Manage and migrate cloud systems
Compliance Consulting
Eliminate the hassle of maintaining compliance

Our IT consultants have a comprehensive grasp of the specific needs across diverse sectors.

Choose IT consulting services that conduct detailed reviews of your IT systems to verify adherence to sector-specific norms and guidelines, such as:

  • PCI
  • NSIT
  • CMMC
  • And others

Work with IT consulting services that understand and meet the distinct requirements of your field.

IT Consulting That Delivers Results

You need more than just advice—you need consultants who deliver outcomes that move the needle. Our IT consulting services are built on the principle of achieving tangible results for your business.

Reduce Recurring Issues

Experience fewer setbacks with IT solutions that address the root causes, not just the symptoms. Implement root-cause fixes that lead to smoother operations and more reliable performance.

Optimize IT Costs

Get the most out of your IT budget by eliminating wasteful spending and focusing on strategic investments. Identify areas where you can save and where investing a little more can bring significant returns

Unlock Growth

Discover innovative solutions that enable you to seize opportunities and outpace the competition. Leverage IT as a catalyst for expansion.

IT Consulting services
Onsite Computer Consulting Services Inc. IT Consulting

Maximize the impact of your IT budget with an award-winning team

IT Consulting Company

Improve Your Security Posture

With cybercrime expected to cost $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, robust cybersecurity is non-negotiable.

Identify vulnerabilities in your infrastructure with a certified team. Secure your data and applications effectively with:

  • Zero Trust security frameworks
  • Endpoint protection strategies
  • Continuous monitoring around the clock
  • Compliance oversight
  • Support for both Security Operations Center (SOC) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems
  • Advanced email and spam defense
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM)
  • Proactive Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Level-Up Your IT With OCCSI

Enjoy end-to-end support from a qualified team that supports everything from a single computer to complex cloud environments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our IT Consulting Services

What can your consulting services offer to businesses undergoing digital transformation?

Our consulting services specialize in guiding mid-sized businesses through their digital transformation journey.

By leveraging cloud computing, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and artificial intelligence (AI), we ensure that your technological overhaul aligns with your business goals.

Our hands-on approach aims to streamline your operations and enhance efficiency across the board.

How does project management fit into your IT consulting services?

Project management is at the heart of our IT consulting services. We understand the complexities involved in implementing new technology solutions.

Our team ensures that every project, whether it involves cloud data migration or disaster recovery planning, is delivered on time and within budget.

This precision in managing projects supports your strategic planning efforts, ensuring long-term success.

How do you ensure the long-term success of IT initiatives?

Success in IT initiatives requires long-term vision and strategic planning. We align our consulting services with your business goals, ensuring that every technological investment fosters growth and innovation.

Our managed IT services provide ongoing support, while our disaster recovery planning ensures resilience against unforeseen challenges, securing your operations for the future.

In what way do small businesses benefit from your consulting services?

Small businesses gain significantly from our consulting services by accessing expertise typically reserved for larger corporations.

We offer digital transformation strategies, cloud data solutions, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) insights, which are scalable and budget-friendly.

Our commitment to fostering growth and efficiency helps small businesses compete on a larger scale, achieving their business goals with our comprehensive professional services.

Why is disaster recovery planning critical for my business, and how can your services help?

Disaster recovery planning is an essential facet of risk management that safeguards your business from unexpected disruptions, whether they stem from cyber attacks, natural disasters, or system failures.

Our approach ensures that your critical data and IT infrastructure are protected with robust cloud computing solutions and backup strategies that guarantee minimal downtime.

Our consulting services focus on immediate recovery, resilience, and adaptability, ensuring your business is equipped to handle challenges and continue operating smoothly, supporting your long-term vision and business goals.

Sync IT With Your Business’s Growth Goals

Trust our second-generation, veteran-owned IT consulting company that simplifies technology.

Why choose our IT consulting firm?

Demystify IT decision-making with extensive leadership support

Gain access to qualified IT professionals, including seasoned VCSOs and support professionals

Prepare custom IT strategies that fit your business’s needs of today and tomorrow

Enjoy expert guidance from a team that supports over 100 Illinois and Missouri businesses

Receive personal attention from a team that builds partnerships and has direct experience in your industry

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