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Accelerate your daily operational productivity while reducing costs with the IT company Wentzville businesses trust.

Time is money, and you can’t afford to spend it offline. Count on our IT company to turn your IT into a strategic advantage.

Why choose Onsite Computer Consulting Services Inc. as your IT company?

Resolve recurring IT issues faster with an IT services company that responds to your calls within 15 minutes

Expedite your return to work with reliable IT support that solves your problems within 29.5 minutes or less

Improve your security posture with security services, including 24/7 monitoring and SOC and SIEM support

Start seeing real results faster with a rapid kickoff process that launches your IT services in only 14 days

Get strategic guidance from a vCIO who helps you develop custom strategies and make effective IT decisions

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I Am Grateful to Have Onsite Computer Consulting As a Member of MY Team

I exclusively rely on the team at Onsite Computer Consulting to support my busy Dental Practice. Whether through increased network reliability, off site backup systems, compliance in data transmission and storage– this is a team of miracle workers. After 20 years of partnership, I am grateful to have Onsite Computer Consulting as part of the Licata Dental Team!

Dr. Faye Licata, DMD
Licata Dental


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Reliable Managed IT Services That Help Your Business Thrive

Managed IT Services

Unlock peak efficiency with our dependable managed IT services, which offer 24/7/365 network management for unparalleled productivity.

Cloud Services

Seamlessly transition to cloud computing with migration support, security, and consulting designed for rapid integration and optimal performance.


Gain complete peace of mind with our cybersecurity services, which include 24/7 monitoring, cutting-edge protection, and SOC and SIEM support.

IT Support

Fast-acting IT support is always close at hand. Our team responds within 15 minutes, focusing on your IT needs to swiftly reclaim your workday.

IT Helpdesk

Benefit from responsive IT helpdesk support that focuses on solving your issues faster, with an average resolution time of 29.5 minutes.

Network Support

Strengthen your IT infrastructure with reliable networking services, including comprehensive cabling, security, and access to our Network Operations Center.

IT Consulting

Future-proof your business with professional IT consulting services led by seasoned vCIOs who deliver strategic insights that influence smarter decisions.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Guard your most critical and sensitive data with our robust data backup and disaster recovery services, ensuring quick recovery and minimal risk.

Compliance Services

Pass your next major audit with ease with our regulatory compliance services that specialize in key frameworks like HIPAA, PCI, NIST, and CMMC.

Safeguard Your Business Against Cyber Threats With Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity

With cybercrime projected to inflict financial damages of $10.5 trillion annually on businesses by 2025, the risk has never been greater.

But there’s a silver lining: your organization can steer clear of these costs by working with OCCSI.

Our IT services company is at the forefront of combating cyber threats, offering advanced cybersecurity solutions tailored to the dynamic nature of online risks.

Our wide range of cybersecurity services include:

  • Zero Trust security
  • Endpoint protection
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Compliance monitoring
  • SOC and SIEM support
  • Email and spam protection
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM)
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
IT Company in Wentzville

Onsite Computer Consulting

IT Company in Wentzville

Wentzville IT Company

Elevate Your IT Strategy With Expert Insight From a Dedicated vCIO

It’s a startling reality that only a fraction of IT projects meet their goals without exceeding budgets. Only 0.5% are actually successful, while 75% exceed their budgets.

However, these challenges are not insurmountable. With the right expertise, navigating through them becomes achievable.

That’s why as one of the leading local IT services companies, we pair you with a dedicated vCIO.

This seasoned professional is not just an advisor, but a strategic partner who ensures your IT endeavors are perfectly synchronized with your business objectives with:

  • Proactive IT planning
  • Compliance consulting
  • IT project management
  • Customized IT roadmaps
  • Business continuity consulting
  • Budget and resource management
  • IT strategies that help you meet your goals
IT Company in Wentzville

Solve IT management challenges by partnering with one of the top local IT firms.

Pass Your Next Compliance Audit With Support From Our IT Services Company

Navigating the landscape of regulatory compliance can be daunting. Our compliance services demystify this process, ensuring your systems meet and exceed regulatory standards.

Leverage the expertise of our IT company for comprehensive support, including meticulous documentation and precise system scanning.

Our tailored assistance helps you comply with several key regulatory frameworks, such as:

  • PCI
  • NIST
  • CMMC
IT Services Company in Wentzville
IT Company in Wentzville

Partner With an IT Company That Values Flexibility and Customer Service

Settling for an IT services company that traps you in a prolonged contract, underdelivers, and neglects unresolved issues is both costly and frustrating.

You deserve a partnership with an IT provider renowned for excellence in service and support. That’s why we offer flexible one-year contracts with a 60-day opt-out clause.

If you are unsatisfied with our services, simply cancel your contract within the 60-day period and move on, no questions asked.

We also offer a two-year warranty for our custom systems, which entails:

  • Complete coverage in the first year
  • Ongoing support through the second year
  • Tailored solutions crafted to meet the unique needs of your business

Frequently Asked Questions About Our IT Company

How does your IT company ensure rapid responses to IT issues?

At OCCSI, we pride ourselves on our swift, efficient IT support.

Unlike other IT companies, we guarantee that a technician will begin working on any issue within 15 minutes of receiving a call, and a resolution within 29.5 minutes.

This commitment to rapid responses ensures that your business experiences minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

What sets you apart from other IT services companies regarding cybersecurity?

OCCSI stands out among IT services companies with our advanced cybersecurity services.

We provide 24/7/365 monitoring, Zero Trust security, and Managed Detection and Response (MDR), ensuring your network is protected against the latest cyber threats.

Our proactive approach means we’re not just responding to threats but actively preventing them, offering peace of mind and security for your business.

How does your approach to IT consulting benefit my business?

Our approach to IT consulting is tailored and strategic, aligning with your business goals for optimal growth and efficiency.

We pair you with a seasoned vCIO who brings expertise and a forward-thinking strategy to your IT planning.

This personalized service ensures your IT infrastructure not only meets current needs but also anticipates future challenges and opportunities.

What advantages do your flexible contract terms offer?

At OCCSI, we recognize the importance of flexibility in today’s dynamic business environment.

Our one-year contracts with a 60-day opt-out clause offer an unmatched level of flexibility, allowing you to adapt to changing IT needs without being locked into long-term commitments.

This approach reflects our confidence in our services and our dedication to client satisfaction.

Can your IT services company design custom solutions for my needs?

Absolutely. As one of the leading local IT firms, OCCSI excels in creating customized IT solutions that precisely fit your business requirements.

Our two-year warranty on custom systems, covering full service in the first year and continued support in the second, demonstrates our commitment to quality and reliability.

We design these solutions with your unique needs in mind, ensuring that your IT infrastructure is a perfect fit for your business.