As Business Associates under HIPAA’s definitions, Onsite Computer Consulting adheres to the same requirements for HIPAA and HITECH compliance that you do. As such, we implement policies and procedures that will keep your data secure while managing your valuable patient data and supporting your practice.

Not only is our internal compliance robust and monitored, we take the same steps to ensure that our recommendations and solutions meet or exceed the stringent laws put in place under HIPAA. Our senior HIPAA consultant has more than 20 years of experience applying the law’s mandated protections to networks from small dental practices to multiple-location dental firms and labs. We specialize in making networks of any size fully compliant with the law, and we provide the necessary auditing and reporting as mandated by the OCR in order to ensure your documentation continuously reflects your current state of compliance.

At Onsite Computer Consulting, we have developed a checklist for your entire network that ensures that each and every avenue for data security meets or exceeds HIPAA’s stringent requirements. Each item on our checklist is tied to a specific provision for compliance, and our solutions are continuously monitored and reported on in order to ensure that our clients remain compliant over time.

Each Solution we offer comes with a business subscription service, secure encryption, exhaustive reporting, monitoring for exceptions and data breach, and the full support of our technician team.

Schedule your HIPAA consultation today, and have our experts:

  •  Help you begin or update your risk assessment
  •  Evaluate your network for potential vulnerabilities
  •  Document your current compliance with the law
  •  Create a roadmap to full compliance
  •  Consult with you on all of your questions regarding compliance