Bill Dickherber / President

Managed IT Services That Work for You

Originally just a small one-man operation out of a pickup truck and the owner’s home, beginning in 1994. OCCSI opened a service and repair store for personal computer users in 1999 in Wentzville Missouri and began providing Managed IT services for Small to Medium Sized Businesses.

Today OCCSI’s main focus is providing IT services to businesses, although we continue to have a small personal computer repair shop

OCCSI has assisted hundreds of businesses and several local governments in establishing Computer networks and solutions to meet their individual needs.

Founder and owner Bill Dickherber, a Navy Veteran, established the Core Values of Onsite Computer Consulting based on “Never selling someone something that they do not need or want “.

OCCSI provides IT Services to the Missouri Counties of: St Louis, St Charles, Lincoln, Warren, Pike, Montgomery and Franklin County. We also serve several eastern Illinois Municipalities within 150-mile radius of Wentzville, Missouri.


The Comprehensive Business Owners’ Guide To IT Support, Services, And Fees

Meet The Team

Bill Dickherber

Bill Dickherber is a Navy Veteran with more than 40 years of Computer Technician experience. Bill completed his Associate Degree in Electrical engineering during his military training and went on to compete his bachelor’s degree in information systems. Bill has worked with hundreds of small businesses and is well known for providing affordable solutions to his client’s needs. “My philosophy is now and has always been that I will not sell someone something that they do not need or want”.

Mike Evans

Mike Evans
Administrative Assistant & HIPAA Compliance Officer

Mike joined Onsite Computer Consulting in 2015 after several years of working in the retail marketplace. Mike is our “go to” guy for just about everything! Mike provides excellent customer service to all our client’s and assists with assuring speed and accuracy of procurement and delivery of parts. Mike also works with our Dental and Medical practice teams to provide excellence in HIPAA training and resources.

Chris Joste
Senior Technician

Chris joined Onsite Computer Consulting in 2020, with over 20 years of experience working in the IT industry. Chris has extensive background in building custom computer systems, troubleshooting both network and computer problems and providing solutions to both. Chris provides excellence in customer service by taking pride in and enjoying his work. When not working Chris is an avid St Louis Blues fan. LET’S GO BLUES!!!!

Ann Dickherber
Marketing Director

Ann just recently joined the Onsite Computer Consulting team. She discovered her love for marketing as an Administrator of a local Assisted Living facility. In her free time, Ann loves spending time with her family and friends.

Daphnie May Cumba
Marketing Professional

Daphnie joined the Onsite Computer Consulting team in late 2021, and has shown herself to be a great asset to our Team. Daphnie has several years of experience in Customer Service and works hard to assure that the needs of our prospective clients are met. Daphnie is the mother of 4, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Sheena Marie Labadan
Administrative Assistant

Sheena recently joined OCCSI. Also have years of experience in Customer Service which she became a Subject Matter Expert in a Technical account. From then on, anything that’s related to technology is a reminder of her past success and what more being able to help again by connecting prospective clients and generating businesss opportunities. She loves to spend her rest days to her loved-ones, if not, you can find her in her room binge-watching mukbang or playing gun games.

Brandon James
Level 1 Technician

Brandon is a new addition to our team. Brandon has worked with computers and technology on his own learning the basics. Brandon’s passionate about understanding how things work, learning new skills, and various technologies. Brandon’s eagerness to learn, ability to self-motivate, and a true desire to provide excellent customer service are all the reasons why OCCSI is pleased to have him join our team!

Klara Joste
Social Media / Graphic Design

Klara joined OCCSI recently. Klara is very family and friend orientated, love taking care of animals, and baking. She really enjoys stories, and loves nature as well. Klara takes pride in trying to help people as much as she can. When asked about graphics Klara makes it clear that, “I’ve always been into graphics and drawing of any kind, to be able to use my passion at work is an awesome way to share my designs.”

Our Mission

We believe in building long term relationships with our customers by providing high quality, affordable services. We are dedicated to our customers, and strive to provide the best experience with every client interaction.


The Comprehensive Business Owners’ Guide To IT Support, Services, And Fees